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   Pegging – Doing Your Boyfriend/Husband/Partner With a Strap on  

12/8/2010 17:29
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 12/8/2010 17:29
   Pegging, which is also referred to as ďbend over boyfriendĒ or BOB, may not be everyoneís cup of tea. But for couples in the Swinging lifestyle who have a solid foundation of good communication and are seeking a new avenue to explore their sexual activities. Pegging offers a new world of stimulation for him and a sweet opportunity for role play and power exchange for either partners. Thereís really not one specific way to peg as long as you follow the basics of safe anal play. This is a step-by-stepguide which may help.
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The first thing you do is talk first. Anal penetration of any kind requires a lot of communication. You can experience perfectly safe anal penetration without pain as long as you listen to your body and if youíre feeling pain or discomfort you need to slow down, add more lube, and perhaps try a different position or form of stimulation. You need to be able to talk first. Here are some tips on how to talk to your partner.

You should become comfortable with anal penetration. If youíre a guy looking to get pegged it may not be quite the best idea to make that your first experience with anal penetration. You should basically start on you own. Before investing in toys and strap on gear, you should just start off with your own fingers (be sure to use lots of water based lubricant and latex or non-latex gloves). Exploring on your own will also make you a better receptive partner.

Beyond male anal pleasure, there is a lot to explore in the area of role reversals with BOB. For both partners turning the tables can be a whole new world. Itís a chance to explore the ways you feel masculine and feminine, bottom and top. Itís a chance to attend to your partner in a completely different way. The fact is that in mainstream Western culture ďsexĒ still means man-on-top-penis-in-vagina-over-in-four-and-a-half-minutes sex. Bend Over Boyfriend is a radical sex act, and it comes with deep potential for growth and really hot sex!

If youíre the female partner make certain you not only understand the basics of safe anal play but you are also familiar with male sexual anatomy (particularly the anus and the prostate gland). A wonderful way to get a crash course on what he likes to do is asking him to pleasure himself and allowing you watch. Not everyone is comfortable with this and one way to reduce self-consciousness is having him wear a blindfold. This should make it easier for him to slip into his imagination and you can feel free to get as up-close as you like.

Looking for a good quality strap-on and the right dildo is key to a positive pegging experience. The female partner should choose the strap-on. There are several things to consider in choosing the correct strap on dildo harness. Even as important, is finding a dildo thatís the right size and shape. There are some things you should look for in a dildo for pegging. Make sure you also have plenty of water-based lubricant on hand as well as gloves And depending on your dildo material, some condoms.

Pegging offers the wonderful potential for intense role play and gender bending experiences. Many people are pleasantly surprised by how much they are turned on by the feeling and how ďrealĒ it feels. For most people the first time they wear a strap-on, it feels awkward and strange. Once youíve purcahsed your gear try it on by yourself. A fun way is to try it on underneath your clothing and see what it feels like to undress with your strap-on. You can also try moving around, dancing, even masturbate all with your strap-on in place.

Donít try rushing into any pegging. Anal penetration can never be rushed so if youíre planning on some pegging, scheduling in a lot of warm up time is a good idea. Make sure both of you are really turned on, relaxed and ready. Many couples will begin with penile-vaginal intercourse and then alternate to pegging. Thereís actually no one correct way to do it, just be aware that itís not like porn.

Once youíve explored the outside of his anus. Get him ready gently put the tip of the dildo up against the anus. Never try to push it or force it in, instead let him relax and allow him to take the dildo in. Once the dildo is inside him try to avoid fast movements in the beginning. Pay attention to the movements of his body and move along with him. The dildo might slip out but donít pull it out quickly.

Never forget to add the lube and keep a bottle of lubricant handy. Be sure to keep adding more lube to the dildo as you are playing. If the dildo is partially inside him you can apply lube to the part which isnít. When the dildo is fully out of his body, apply more to the tip and the entire shaft.

One way of allowing him to determine the speed of strokes is to get him to move and at first, you stay relatively still. If you are new to pegging this is a safe way to begin and it allows you time to watch how he moves and what he likes. You can also remind him that he can always go slower or faster all he has to do is ask.

Try to always follow his lead, but start slow. This doesnít mean youíre off the hook. Once heís accustomed with the dildo itís your turn to start taking control. You can begin with slow and shallow penetration. As you both are getting into it and are more comfortable. You can always experiment with deeper thrusting action, but try to pay attention to what he saying and what his body is telling you.

Also, donít try and forget about his other body parts.
The central focus of pegging may be on the bum. But itís still considered sex play and if you can bring in other parts of his body it would be all the better. Many men lose their erections when they are penetrated anally but this has nothing to do with them not being turned on or they donít want to be touched more. You can experiment by stroking his cock or running your hands and fingers on other parts of his body.

Despite the long association of the rear-entry position with anal sex there are many sex positions which will work equally as well for anal sex or pegging.

After you have gotten the hang of the basics, you can explore with different positions. Try having him lay on his back with his legs in the air or over your shoulders. Put a pillow under his butt to lift it off the bed a bit. In this position, you can kiss him, squeeze his nipples or stroke his dick. Or lay back yourself and have him get on top and ride your dick like the Pony Express.

If he really gets into being dominated, you could try spanking him first to make his ass warm and eager for your entry. You can also use additional sex toys for variety. Prep him for plowing with a butt plug, or make him wear a cock ring to keep him hard and delay his ejaculation. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. So be bold, be creative, and be in charge of your fantasies.

We have discovered other folks in the swinging lifestyle engage in this activity. If youíre a female, you should consider discussing it with your partner is this is something you want to do. If youíre the guy and are interested, maybe you can bring it up to your girlfriend. Remember, the key is communication and you might be surprised as to what doors it might open up for you!

We created a private group "Pegging". A place to share the stories, pictures, and fantasies about Pegging, Cuckolding, Face Sitting, Foot Worshiping, Cross Dressing, and all those taboos. We aim to create an environment that is friendly and non-judgemental for you to learn about your inner slut and sexual desires.

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